Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO)


block-1Real-time Certification

When you leave our class, you are a fully certified CSPO

not just a CSPO CANDIDATE  which is the case with almost ALL other trainers.

Apple Brook Consulting® believes that you should be rewarded for your hard work in class.  This is why we ensure that students are uploaded into the Scrum Alliance system before the class ends.  

With other trainers, you may be waiting weeks or months to receive your certificate.  For more information about the CSPO, please see:  Becoming A Certified Scrum Product Owner.
block-2Real Education Units

This class provides the attendee with 16 PMI PDUs and 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs. 

Upon completion, the student is at liberty to self-report these units under the appropriate category on the PMI and SA websites.  These units will help the student in furthering growing their career and competency in the discipline. 

The units will also be required eventually as part of the renewal process with Scrum Alliance.  So don't slack off!! Start NOW!!
block-3Real World Agility®

Award Winning Agile Coach and Trainer, Daniel Gullo, shares with you almost 10 years worth of experience, case studies, stories, and examples from his Fortune 100 clients and employers so that you can learn from the successes and failures of other organizations.

Daniel was recently recognized as Most Valued Agile Professional of 2015 by the Agile community!!

Here is a short list of the organizations from whom you will learn: IRS • CapitalOne (ING Direct) • Paypal • ADP • Comcast • General Motors (GM) • GE • US Treasury Dept. • Federal Reserve Bank • PMI GOC (Global Operations Center) • NAVTEQ (Nokia) • US Postal Service • Credit Acceptance Corp • T. Rowe Price • Microsoft • Tableau • Starwood Hotels • Snap-On • VWR • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer) • Independence Blue Cross • EIG • Arkieva • Bank of America • VersionOne • and many others...

Industries that will be discussed: Financial Services • Education • Biotech • Pharmaceuticals • Federal Government • Automotive • Consulting Services • eCommerce • Internet • Software • Manufacturing • and many others...
block-4Targeted Job / Applicant Search

Apple Brook Consulting® maintains an exclusive, invite-only group on LinkedIn for all CSM/CSPO alumni and trusted recruiting connections.

This valuable network of close individuals allows those who KNOW Scrum very well to share their skills with those organizations who have job opportunities for highly skilled individuals.

Daniel openly endorses and supports his students with confidence knowing that through his training, they have been well equipped to assume trusted Scrum Team roles within all organizations.
block-5Tips, Tricks, Events, Articles, and MORE!!

As part of our value added service, students automatically receive the Apple Brook Consulting® Monthly Newsletter: #CoreAGILITY

#CoreAGILITY offers tips, tricks, information about upcoming events, tool/product evaluations, interviews, guest articles, and much, MUCH MORE!! Each edition includes a list of upcoming courses and discount codes from time to time so that you can refer your friends and colleagues.

After a year in circulation, the newsletter has over 3500 subscribers and is still growing stronger every day!!

block-6FREE Coaching

Apple Brook Consulting® is committed to helping people succeed well beyond the classroom.

If you have questions about various aspects of Agile, even after the completion of the class, you are encouraged to contact Apple Brook Consulting® and you will receive a reply to your questions from a Certified Scrum Coach® (CSC) with almost 10 years of experience training and coaching organizations on Agile.
block-7Training That Doesn't Suck

You don’t like 100s of slides with an instructor narrating them for 2 full days???

Yeah, neither do we!!

After attending many years of sucky training over the years, Apple Brook Consulting® wants to ensure that you LEARN BY DOING!! We use experiential teaching principles to create an interactive learning experience throughout the class. The course includes many exercises and activities, which serve to reinforce the concepts; including a true-to-life Scrum simulation.

block-8Ginsu Steak Knives

"That's right! Act NOW and you will also get a set of Ginsu Steak Knives in a genuine, imitation rosewood presentation box!!"

Just kidding!! I have always wanted to say that line after hearing it for years growing up in the 70s and 80s.

In reality, there are no steak knives here; nor are there any other gimicky little tchotchkes, bangles, baubles, or other junk that you don't really want and just costs you MORE money. You are looking for a practical learning experience, not a bunch of marketing schwag!!

One additional thing you will receive is the opportunity to network with others who are passionate about Scrum and coaching Scrum Teams in the capacity of ScrumMaster!!

search_button-228wWHAT WILL WE LEARN?

The Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Course is an entry level certification course intended for anyone who wishes to learn more about how product (and service) definition result in increased value delivery and other benefits all throughout the Scrum product lifecycle.

The CSPO Course serves several specific purposes:

  • The Value Proposition of Agile and Scrum
  • How to capture product ideas in a Product Vision Statement
  • How to write appropriate Product Backlog Items, which outline deliverable value for the product
  • How to define Product Roadmaps and Releases to aid in Product Lifecycle planning
  • Product and project budgeting in Scrum
  • Techniques for collaborating and interacting with the Development Team and Customers (stakeholders).




The CSPO Course provides knowledge that critical to successful Agile adoption. Consequently, the following list of people should definitely plan on attending so that they may support Agile transformation in your organization (not an all-inclusive list):

Product Owners  •  ScrumMasters  •  Business Analysts  •  Project Managers  •  Software Development Managers  •  Business Systems Analysts  •  Program Managers  •  Product Managers  •  PMO Members  •  Directors of Product Development  •  Directors of Information Technology  •  Consultants



The class closely follows the Content Outline and Learning Objectives for the Certified Scrum Product Owner® as defined by the Scrum Alliance. Additional material and information is provided including anecdotes which are relevant to the topics being discussed throughout. The class is VERY interactive, collaborative, and “meta” in nature; that is, we model Scrum as we learn about Scrum.

Day One
1. Introductions
2. Logistics
3. Scrum Certifications – Overview
4. History of Agile
5. Scrum Overview
6. Scrum Roles – Overview
a. Product Owner
b. Development Team
c. ScrumMaster
7. Scrum Activities – Overview
a. Sprint Planning
i. Sprint Goal
b. Daily Scrum
c. Sprint Review
d. Sprint Retrospective
e. Backlog Refinement
f. Release Planning
8. Scrum Artifacts – Overview
a. Product Backlog
i. Product Backlog Items
ii. Definition of Done
b. Sprint Backlog
i. Tasks
c. Sprint Burndown
d. Release Burndown
e. Shippable Product Increment
Day Two
1. Recap from Day One
2. Multi-Level Planning
a. Creating A Memorable Product Vision
i. Elevator Pitch Statement
b. Building A Product Roadmap
c. Writing effective PBIs
i. User Stories: A suggestion
ii. MoSCoW
iv. KANO
v. Story Splitting
d. Release Planning
i. Trade-off Matrix
ii. Budgeting
iii. Velocity
iv. Estimation
-Planning Poker
-Affinity Estimating
vi. Value Stream Mapping
vii. Story Mapping
3. Clear the Parking Lot
4. Class Survey Forms
5. Group Photo
6. Dismissed!!



Daniel’s class has been highly acclaimed by HUNDREDS of former students! The in-depth discussion and highly welcoming, participative environment that Daniel creates not only ensure that the entire class learns the material but also that they have a lot of FUN while they are doing so!!




Alfredo Jimenez

“Daniel is a very knowledgeable, thorough and creative trainer. His class was engaging and enjoyable, to the point where I didn’t even feel I was in a training class. I’m now a Certified Scrum Master and would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to further their agile knowledge.”



Stephen Skvara

“Daniel was the instructor/coach at the CSM class I attended here in PHX, AZ. He not only gave a great presentation of what SCRUM really is, but he was able to instill coaching/teamwork tools to help a SCRUM Master be effective. I would recommend him to any company for consultation as well as a personal career coach as he is an overall very knowledgeable individual.”


Josh Speerstra

“Daniel’s laid back mentality and welcoming demeanor was a big plus. He did a very thorough job explaining concepts and leading independent ideas while connecting them back to relevant learning objectives. I highly recommend him!”



Melissa Foster

“Daniel’s extensive knowledge of scrum and his ability to engage a group made this training extremely valuable. I would definitely recommend him. He was able to take the course material and apply it to our work environment. It made learning the concepts of Scrum straight forward.”


Visit the full list of recommendations.

If registration is cancelled up to two week before the first day of class, 75% of the registration fee will be refunded.
If registration is cancelled up to one week before the first day of class, 25% of the registration fee will be refunded.

There will be no refunds issued within one week prior to the first day of class.


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