“Which course should I take??”

With so many options,

it can be overwhelming.


Why choose Daniel Gullo?

When you take a course with Daniel, you will receive the following: 


Discussions via Zoom



Creating Product Visions and Roadmaps


Creating Personas and Customer Journey Maps


Writing Backlog Items

During the CSPO class, Daniel will share with you his 35 years of REAL WORLD experience, case studies, stories, and examples from Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and federal government organizations

Case studies:

IRS • CapitalOne (ING Direct) • Paypal • ADP • Comcast • General Motors • GE • US Treasury Dept. • Federal Reserve Bank • PMI GOC (Global Operations Center) • NAVTEQ (Nokia) • US Postal Service and many others...

Industries covered:

Financial Services • Education • Biotech • Pharmaceuticals • Federal Government • Automotive • Manufacturing • Healthcare • Insurance and many others...


NOTE:  By signing up for a ticket, you agree to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the course.  You will receive a digital copy via Email.  You MUST bring a physical, signed copy to the first day of class.  These terms can be found by clicking the following link:  Terms and Conditions