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PO Box 369  •  Cochranville, PA 19330  •  (484) 857-2786

Apple Brook Consulting® is an Information Technology (IT) firm that specializes in consulting services such as: organizational change management, product lifecycle development, information technology projects and management, executive coaching, and both certified and non-certified training.

Specifically, Apple Brook Consulting® focuses on the umbrella of practices known as “Agile”; which include but are not limited to: Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP (eXtreme Programming), PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Professional), and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework).

Apple Brook Consulting® also provides subject matter expertise in an advisory capacity for traditional project management methodologies such as: “waterfall”, RUP (Rational Unified Process), and PMP (Project Management Professional) related practices.

In providing these services, Apple Brook Consulting® relies heavily on knowledge of psychology, software development, corporate finance, marketing, sales, legal, human resources, procurement, manufacturing, product development, and support.

Apple Brook Consulting® does not manufacture or sell any goods directly. However, the company does provide materials in support of its training efforts; e.g. workbooks, handouts, etc.