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Agility is a pyramid.

It is a cultural and mental shift toward “continuous innovation and customer delight” (Denning).

At the foundation of the pyramid are the Values of the Agile Manifesto.  These support the Principles of the Agile Manifesto and from these Principles, Practices have been identified, tried, proven.  At the top of the pyramid are the benefits and ROI which every organization seeks to gain through adoption of Agile Practices.

It is not possible to jump to the Practices without first understanding the Values and Principles.

At Apple Brook Consulting®, our business consulting and advisory services follow “The ABC of Agility”® model:

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To ensure the greatest degree of success, TRAINING is used initially to establish a firm foundation and solid base.  Level-setting expectations and gaining buy-in from the organization at ALL levels requires that people understand what they are buying-in to.  Thus, from the executive level down to the individual contributor, everyone attends TRAINING.


The next step is COACHING to ensure that the organization can make advances without reinventing the wheel, making costly mistakes which others have already made.  The Agile Coach works with clients to build an agenda based upon their needs.  The Agile Coach engages in activities based upon their core competencies:  Coaching and Facilitating, Teaching and Mentoring, Agile Knowledge and Application, Domain Mastery (Technical, Business, Transformational), and Leadership.  The end goal of COACHING is to help clients develop mastery of their own upon which to draw so that they may coach others.


Finally, there is evangelism and advocacy through SPEAKING AND FACILITATION.  As the organization continues to grow and establish its own maturity, there are times when reinforcement and external perspective provide energy to continue on with the cultural shift.  This is where events can play a key role in maintaining that organizational momentum and drive toward continuous improvement.